Work for the NJ Civic Info Consortium

The New Jersey Civic Information Consortium is an independent, tax-exempt nonprofit organization that funds initiatives to benefit the State’s civic life and meet the evolving information needs of New Jersey’s communities.

A first-in-the-nation project, the Consortium builds on the foundation laid by public media in the United States, and reimagines how public funding can be used to address the growing problem of news deserts, misinformation, and disinformation and to support more informed communities.

Hiring at the NJ Civic Information Consortium

We strongly encourage people of all backgrounds, races, ethnicities, ages, disabilities, and sexual orientation, and formerly incarcerated people to apply. We strongly support diversity and equity in our hiring and operational policies and practices.

How the process works

When we have a job opening at the Consortium, here’s what you can expect:

  • A description of the job, the skills and experience we are looking for, and the salary range are included in the job posting.
  • When the deadline to apply has passed, applications will be reviewed and selected candidates will be invited to a phone conversation with a consultant or Consortium staffer. Those people will then recommend a short list of candidates to interview with the interim executive director and board members. We do not begin interviews prior to the deadline to apply.
  • We will review all applications and respond to all applicants in as timely a manner as possible.

If you are invited to an interview with the director and board members, here’s what you can expect:

  • First round interviews following a successful phone screen typically last an hour. We will strive to offer interview times that work with the candidates’ schedules, including evenings.
  • We will share an overview ahead of your interview outlining the kinds of questions you can expect to be asked.
  • We ask every candidate the same list of questions.
  • Each participant makes notes after each interview which then gets shared with the full team and the consultant (if retained).
  • We will dedicate time at the end of each interview for you to ask us questions, while also striving to create a conversation where candidates can ask questions throughout the interview.
  • After the first-round interview, candidates are sometimes asked to complete a job-related exercise. If you are asked to do this, we will provide a stipend out of respect for your time. We will not use your work product outside of the hiring process.
  • Selected candidates will be invited to a second-round interview within two weeks after the first round is complete. Candidates not moving on will be notified as early as possible.
  • We will check references for two to three candidates.
  • We will contact all finalists within two weeks of completing the final interview round.

The NJ Civic Information Consortium is offering a competitive and full benefits package, including health insurance, a retirement account and generous time off, along with standard and floating holidays. We also close the office at the end of the year to rest and recharge for the new year.

Inspiration via the Independence Community Foundation and the Bread & Roses Community Fund.