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New Jersey Civic Information Consortium announces fall 2023 renewal grants

Published on Dec. 6, 2023

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MONTCLAIR, N.J.The New Jersey Civic Information Consortium announced four renewal grants, plus one supplemental grant to local news and information organizations across the Garden State. With a total of $475,000 allocated, these grants support initiatives that are contributing to the enhancement of civic engagement, media literacy, and community-building. 

The following organizations received renewal grants:

coLAB Arts – $100,000: coLAB Arts, known for its innovative and collaborative approach to arts and community engagement, will utilize the grant to further the Teatro Esperanza project, a new community-based collective memory collaborative in the Esperanza and Unity Square Neighborhoods of New Brunswick.

Clinton Hill Community Action – $100,000: Clinton Hill Community Action will establish a new and permanent media training, production, and webcast center in New Jersey through its Citizen Journalism Program.  

Public Square Amplified – $100,000: This grant supports a pilot that will recruit, train and promote the reporting of community reporters and journalism students and provide an outlet for their work on Caribbean, African, Indigenous, and Immigrant communities. 

The Jersey Vindicator – $100,000: The Jersey Vindicator brings a much-needed investigative news focus to New Jersey, ultimately ensuring that residents — particularly those in underserved communities — are better informed about government, business, education, transportation, criminal justice reform, and the environment.

The following supplemental grant was awarded: – $75,000: is a media publication centered on Muslim news, with coverage affecting the New Jersey Muslim community. This grant will help expand its coverage of the Palestinian community in New Jersey, particularly in the context of the conflict in Gaza. Muslims make up more than 3% of the New Jersey population.

The Consortium believes in the power of media and information to shape well-informed and engaged communities. By supporting these organizations and initiatives, the Consortium is fostering a media landscape that reflects the diverse needs and interests of New Jersey residents.

“These grants underscore our commitment to thriving community news outlets in New Jersey. The selected organizations have consistently demonstrated their dedication to providing pertinent news and information to ensure more informed, equitable and engaged communities, and we are proud to support their impactful work.” said Ayinde Merrill, Program Officer of the Consortium.

About the New Jersey Civic Information Consortium:

The New Jersey Civic Information Consortium is an independent, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that funds initiatives to benefit the State’s civic life and meet the evolving information needs of New Jersey’s communities.

A first-in-the-nation project, the Consortium builds on the foundation laid by public media in the United States, and reimagines how public funding can be used to address the growing problem of news deserts, misinformation, and support more informed communities.

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